Free Business Card Template

The business is one of the most prominent professions of many people all around the globe as many people of this universe are used to involve in one type of the business or the other. There are many diverse activities that become a part of these businessmen and become part of their profession later. The… Read More »

Printable Donation Form Template

There are various sorts of working groups around us. The most of them are working with the profit as their aim and motive but there are still others who are working for people cause. These not for profit organizations are the true compassionate entities and they always require help and donations from rich and wealthy.… Read More »

Action Plan Template

The plan is the main road map upon which one works to achieve it goals and reach its motives. The action plan makes it further clear and concise for the executers of the plan…

Sponsorship Proposal Template

There are various types of business contracts but there is one thing common among them that they all prove mutually beneficial for involving parties. The contracting business entities in fact work…

Meeting Agenda Format

The meeting is the main tool that is used to solve issues as well as to raise certain ideas that can prove useful for the future challenges. There can be various ideas behind arranging a mere meeting.

Letter of Transmittal

The letter of transmittal is part of many business as well as conventional not for profit organizations. It is frequently used to get the desired feedback from the correspondent.

Promissory Note Template

The promissory note is a part of the loan settlement and is often being signed by the borrower in order to promise of paying certain amount of interest along with the principal loan amount.

Graph Paper Template

A graph is a portrait or photo representation of some happening or proceedings. The graphs are successfully used to represent something in terms of increases or decreases.

New Year Party Menu

The New Year is a start of new time span. There are lots of people all around the world that welcomes this event with lots of joy, cheers and merriment. The parties are being arranged accordingly to add more life to the enjoyments. The parties are often marked with gatherings as well as entertainment along… Read More »

New Year Party Invitation

The New Year is a start of yet another time period. It got to be started with a nice intent at a high note. There must be some added spark to make a start on high note. There are lots of people who already arrange parties and try their best to have blistering start of… Read More »

Happy New Year Banner

The New Year is off-course a start of new time period and thus needs to be welcomed for being the part of this start up. There are various ways to enjoy and celebrate this marvelous moment of the year. The most obvious way is to make celebrations obvious and prominent and that can only be achieved by… Read More »

Happy New Year Postcard

The start of a new year is surely a start of new span of time. The way we start our day and month, the same way we start our year. It is offcourse a start of new time span but it is a big moment as big span starts here. This is reason why people… Read More »

Happy New Year Address Label

The New Year comes with lots of promises and happiness that its receivers receive along with its arrival. People are used to arrange parties as well as gatherings to enjoy this moment of their life whole heartedly. They employ all tools and techniques to make most of this marvelous event. The stage is set for cheers to… Read More »

Free Wedding Program Template

This is a four page wedding program template designed in microsoft® Publisher with photo of a bride & groom sounding with roses on the cover page and 8.5 x 11 page that after printing, would be folded in single; includes names, agenda, location and participants. It has an English theme with a bright rose bouquet on… Read More »

Electronic Business Card

This pretty electronic business card template has an image of transparent leaves fixed next to a blue background and place for seven lines of text. In these days, business cards are performing all virtual and that is a very good thing. It is not only a paperless business card batter for the environment, and easier… Read More »

Tri-Fold Brochure Template

To create your own personal brochure, the first step in making your own brochure is to get the business details that you need to insert, the dimensions, fold up style and other technical features that build up the brochure that you want. Every so often, it is good to try to come across at other… Read More »

Investor Brochure Template

This professional services brochure template developed with MS Word is a very successful way of advertising a product, event or service. In this brochure you can write material that will clearly answer four W’s questions. But try to use small bullet points or phrases rather than long paragraphs where ever possible so that reader does… Read More »

Startup Cash Manager Template

This startup cash requirements template developed with MS Excel evaluates decision alternatives with many weighted evaluation criterion. It also has optional risk analysis feature. This template is perfect for evaluating a wide variety of investment, business case situation and financial analysis. While it is based on the usual discounted cash flow technique of valuation, it… Read More »