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Here is our collection of Microsoft Word Templates. All of these Word templates are created using MS Word. These Word Templates are easier to download and edit. Please keep visiting our site as we are continuously updating more templates.

Sponsorship Proposal Template

There are various types of business contracts but there is one thing common among them that they all prove mutually beneficial for involving parties. The contracting business entities in fact work for each other and in doing so they benefit each other by getting other entity’s job done. The sponsorship is also a similar sort… Read More »

Letter of Transmittal

The letter of transmittal is part of many business as well as conventional not for profit organizations. It is frequently used to get the desired feedback from the correspondent. It can act a reminder as a reminder as well a notification for the receiver. The letter of transmittal is somewhat informal than the report and… Read More »

Free Funeral Program Template

The life is a blend of happiness and sorrows. We always have to deal with any of the circumstances that we follow at various stages in our life. The funeral is the last event of a person and it always require careful program to complete all mores. This is reason why we have designed the… Read More »

Promissory Note Template

The promissory note is a part of the loan settlement and is often being signed by the borrower in order to promise of paying certain amount of interest along with the principal loan amount. The promissory note acts as an agreement between the borrower as well as the lender. It requires certain criteria to be… Read More »

Graph Paper Template

A graph is a portrait or photo representation of some happening or proceedings. The graphs are successfully used to represent something in terms of increases or decreases. They physically represent every thing and make it look simpler than what is represented in digits. This is what has made it so important to have graphical representations… Read More »

Happy New Year Banner

The New Year is off-course a start of new time period and thus needs to be welcomed for being the part of this start up. There are various ways to enjoy and celebrate this marvelous moment of the year. The most obvious way is to make celebrations obvious and prominent and that can only be achieved by… Read More »

Happy New Year Postcard

The start of a new year is surely a start of new span of time. The way we start our day and month, the same way we start our year. It is offcourse a start of new time span but it is a big moment as big span starts here. This is reason why people… Read More »

Instruction Manual Template

A lot of people never become conscious how essential a table of content is until there is not any one, this Manual with index & table of content template developed in MS Word is very important piece of information is what makes a work managed and comprehensible not only just for the person who reads… Read More »

Foldable Mini Book Template

This Mini Book template with twelve pages maid with microsoft® Word, is ideal for making your own mini book for adolescent children to read or to assist them design their own mini book. It can also be good product for use in the classroom or for a teaching aid. For your personal use, print out… Read More »

Product Catalog Template

This is a free easy to use product catalog template with forms design developed with microsoft® Word. You can place simultaneously professional looking advertisement catalog of products & services or informational in less amount of time with this ready to print template. Catalogs are really an important promotional tools used to relay your message to… Read More »

Dinosaur Coloring Book Template

This dinosaur coloring book template designed in MS Word is a particularly attractive template containing lots of small and big dinosaurs for kids who have an creative flair already, and also be fond of to use the computer. With so many other things there on computer which is really not appropriate for kids, this coloring… Read More »

Marriage Ceremony Program Template

This MS Word marriage ceremony program template is designed in the Arial font as it is ordinary to the majority of computers. You need to just change the names, dates, venue etc. to suit by selecting the text and typing over it. If you desire to change the font then you may also need to… Read More »

Jewish Wedding Program Template

There may be a large number of non Jewish guests in Jewish wedding; this MS Word useful Jewish wedding program template allow guests to have more well-known with your friends, family, and wedding ceremony, inform venue and on menu details, and deliver special messages from couple so that they can follow alongside. Print out this… Read More »

Sales Letter Template (For Advertising Services)

If you had a previous meeting that didn’t exit well and was not that important, you may need to reschedule your meeting. You can utilize this useful and wonderful request to reschedule the meeting using this microsoft® word Sales Letter Template (For Advertising Services). All the stuffs of this rearrange Letter are already there. As… Read More »

Itinerary Template

This Itinerary Template can be served up as a template for all sorts of vacations and travel, including international travel, multi-stop trips, local trips, road trips, group trips, and business trips. Travel agents use this template to have travel information for their customers. You can utilize this template to make the list of your clients’ travel… Read More »

Donation Form Template

Do you require to gather donations for a decent cause? Or perhaps you are going to provide funding of donation and required to keep a track record. A donation is a contribution given by an organization or individual for charity intention. This is a Donation Form Template that may help out you in building professional… Read More »

Travel information template

Travel information template is a sample template for travel planning and travel schedule template. Well, when you have travel information you observe this sample template, you will appreciate immediately how proficient these work. You can keep all the information about a pleasure or business trip in one position with this printable traveling template. You can note… Read More »

Weekly Timetable Template

To sustain you in remaining more intentional concerning how you use up your time, it may be useful to use this master Weekly Timetable Template created with microsoft® Word, which assigns particular times of the day and days of the week or evening for specific kinds of activities. You will notice that how this Weekly… Read More »

Party Guest Book Template

This general template is posted again with new design. Its design is developed in MS word. This Party Guest Book Template has some variations from other DIY sites. It is a traditional, something interactive and fun guest book for not only children but the adults as well. The first element of this template’s format is the… Read More »

Conference Agenda Template

This Three day conference agenda template with three tracks on one day, four tracks on two days includes two keynote managements each day, welcome greeting, and group affair. This three columns agenda template is skillfully created with blue headings and tables in MS Word 2007, also can be utilized with previous versions. It has very… Read More »